Human & Equine Bowen Therapist

"I can't believe the difference in my back after only 1 session.  I felt so good I got back on my bicycle after months off it.  It's even more incredible given that I didnt feel you really did that much to me"                        Colin 


"I just wanted to be able to put my socks on in the morning without help from the wife -after 3 sessions I can.  Thanks Marie"        Stan


"My 'arthritis' has been gone for 3 years now after only 4 Bowen sessions.  I can't believe I suffered for years and you were here on my doorstep"                      Margaret 


"My knee was up like a balloon when I went in and it was normal when I came out. Unbelievable.  And my IBS dissappeared for 4 months after that one treatment!                            Mary


"My periods used to be so heavy that I would pass out and be so crabbit I could kill someone, the doctors wanted to give me a hysterectomy.  I now have regular, normal periods after a few months of Bowen sessions with Marie.  I think she's saved my marriage!"  Maria


"You've just managed to do in two seconds what 3 lots of Nurofen have failed to.  My headaches completely gone - I cant beleive it!"  Victoria


"I've not had to use my blue inhaler (for asthma) all week, thats amazing!"    Anna


"Christopher is like a new horse.  I saw a difference in him straight away, the way he holds himself has changed, his eyes are sparkling, he has stopped bucking during transitions to canter and his stride is enormous now"       Jeanette

Hello and welcome to my website.

I have to tried to provide as much information as possible to answer any questions you have about myself and the therapies I do.  If you would like to know more please contact me.   I hope to hear from you soon.

Marie  x  


10 reasons why you should try my services:

  1. Muscle release without manipulation: Bowen is an incredibly gentle yet highly effective method of releasing muscle tension and re-aligning the body to restore your original blueprint.
  2. Get results - FAST:   Most people feel an improvement within a few days after the very first session, sometimes it takes up to 4 sessions to start noticing a change.
  3. Specialist in The Bowen Technique:  Marie is fully qualified and insured to practice on both humans and horses.  Bowen Therapy is the treatment of choice for over 99% of her clients.
  4. A horse riding therapist:   When you try to explain that "my horse bucks on right rein strike off" it makes sense to see someone who understands what you are talking about!
  5. Reduce your chances of injury:   Trials with a rugby team showed that in one season injuries were down by over 80% after receiving Bowen Therapy regularly.
  6. Improved recovery times after injury:   Get back on the field/horse/bike up to 50% quicker.  I have seen time and again that if you received Bowen Therapy you will recover much quicker following injury.
  7. Improved performance in all athletes - equine or human:   Your body performs better when everything is in balance and alignment.  Consider it a "tune up" like a racing car would get.
  8. Improved circulation, respiration, lymphatics and digestion:   I have treated everything from coeliac disease to asthma with great success.  Bowen is not just a 'muscle' therapy.
  9. Over 10 years experience in healing:   I started out with Reiki and then discovered Bowen, since then I have added EFT and Myofascial Release to my bag of tools, they complement each other well.
  10. I work on dogs too!   I am happy to treat your dogs with *energy therapy/Reiki  and have had great success with agility dogs following injury.

Whether you're an Olympiad or a happy hacker, crippled with back pain or riddled with arthritis the stories I hear are the same, you spend £100's even £1000's on chiropractic care, physiotherapy and massage all with limited results. 

Isn't it time to do your body a favour?

get yourself some 

relaxing - realigning - rebalancing

Bowen Therapy?